Apcasot members outside Cancer Council Queensland head office.The Asia-Pacific Cancer Society Training Grant program (APCASOT) is an initiative of the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) and is designed to assist voluntary cancer societies located in the Asia-Pacific region to build their cancer control capacity.


To build cancer control capacity by participating in and learning from activities and campaigns conducted by established voluntary cancer societies in the region.


The APCASOT program provides an orientation to all aspects of community-based cancer control activities, offered at one of two host organizations; Cancer Council Queensland in Brisbane, Queensland Australia, or Cancer Patients Aid Association in Mahalakshmi, Mumbai India.

The training program includes a number of educational subjects:

  • fundraising and partnerships
  • prevention and early detection
  • cancer support programs
  • financial support
  • tobacco control
  • community engagement and volunteer services
  • clinical visits


Applicants must nominate a project that they will undertake and implement at their home cancer society over a period of 12 months.  Knowledge and skills gained from the APCASOT program must be relevant and applicable to achieving the objectives of the project and directly benefit the volunteer cancer society.

Apcasot group photo at Cancer Councl Queensland


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